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About Us

Hi, I'm Ada and I'm the founder of Chuan Skincare. Chuan Skincare was named after my dad, whose middle name was Chuan (泉).

The character 泉 is roughly translated as a spring or small stream of water, and is actually made up of two characters: 白 (pure or bright, pronounced bai) and 水 (water, pronounced shui). While 泉 is normally romanized as quan, when Dad arrived in the US from Taiwan in the late 80s, he chose to spell it closer to the pronunciation: ch-yu-an.

This name and its meaning seem especially fitting for Dad, since he always preferred natural products and treatments. When I was growing up, Dad would use menthol patches for back pain and consult a reflexology and acupressure chart to address common ailments. 

Toddler Ada and her dad, wearing bright 90s colors


Around the time I was graduating from college, Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and had to start taking multiple prescriptions a day to manage his symptoms. An architect and software engineer by trade, he was always tinkering with his dosages and looking up more natural remedies, much to the chagrin of his doctors.

When Dad fell in April 2020 and was hospitalized, I became his primary caregiver. While he was in recovery, my sister and I had the tough task of cleaning up his apartment. We discovered a treasure trove of pictures and documents that taught us about Dad's immigration story and who he was before we came along. At the same time, being a caregiver was stressful and caused my skin to breakout and form dry patches. I inherited my combination/oily and acne prone skin from Dad, so I started looking for natural remedies to cleanse and exfoliate. I found that most of my options contained extra chemicals and preservatives that I didn't want to put on my skin, or they were just downright pricey. Many came in single-use packaging or extra plastic, which turned me off even more.

My dad's entrepreneurial spirit always inspired me, and it was only through this experience that I realized I wanted to create something that would meet my needs and my values: an all natural, handcrafted, sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable skincare line. After a few months of research and testing, Chuan Skincare was born.

I wish my story had a happy ending, but a month after launching this brand, Dad contracted COVID-19 at the skilled nursing facility where he was recovering. Less than two weeks later, he passed away.

While my dad was never able to see this website or use my products, Chuan Skincare is so much more than just the small business I started while he was sick. It's his legacy.

Ada and her dad, in a buggy in Japan


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