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Clay Mask & Powder Cleanser Samples

Clay Mask & Powder Cleanser Samples

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About our Mask & Cleanser Samples

What it is: Curious about our Signature Clay Mask and Humble Powder Cleanser? Now you can try our products at home and see how gentle and effective they are! Each sample contains enough product for 2-3 uses. For our Signature Clay Mask, this should be enough for a month of masks, or you can share with a friend! For our Humble Powder Cleanser, this should be enough for a few days of gentle cleansing. On the back of each sample, there’s a handy QR code for you to scan to get step-by-step instructions, too.

*Note: Samples are included for free in all orders containing full-sized products, you do not need to add them to your cart! If you have a preference for which sample you would like to receive with your full-sized product order, please add a note to your order.

Skin Type: Normal, Dry, Combination, Oily, Sensitive

Skincare Concerns: Uneven texture, excess oil/sebum production, shiny skin, sensitivity to conventional skincare products, dry or overstripped skin

Key Benefits: Suitable for most skin types, our Signature Clay Mask is especially beneficial for acne-prone and oily or combination skin. Our Humble Powder Cleanser is gentle enough for light, daily exfoliation, or can be used less frequently as a replacement for conventional facial scrubs.

What’s the Difference: We believe in taking a gentle and effective approach to skincare and self-care. We want you and your skin to be healthy and happy in the long-term, which is why our products can be used with, or as replacements for, conventional skincare products.

Because our samples are packaged as a dry powder, there's no need to worry about using all of the product up before it dries out or expires.

All of our products are vegan and cruelty free, and there are no artificial or chemical fillers, additives, preservatives or fragrances used, so you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin.

For detailed, information about each product, please see:
Signature Clay Mask
Humble Powder Cleanser

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