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Silky Headband
Silky Headband
A selfie of Ada, a Taiwanese American woman, wearing a black abd blue glitter headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
Silky Headband
A stack of satin headbands in white, blue with white stars, black and red
A blue headband with white stars on it
A black satin headband
A close up of a navy blue, magenta, white with blue floral, blue with tie dye effect and green satin headband
A stack of headbands starting from top to bottom in: navy blue, magenta/red, white with blue florals, green, blue with tie dye effect
Two headbands: one in ivory satin and one in a camel microsuede
Three headbands on top of each other - one is bright blue, one is black/grey gingham and the last is marigold yellow.
A blue and black glitter headband, shot from overhead

Silky Headband

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Hatbands and statement hair accessories are in, and our Silky Headband is a stylish way to keep your hair out of your face when you're using our Signature Clay Mask or Humble Powder Cleanser. Wear our headband while you're completing your skincare and self-care routine, or wear it as a hair accessory on all your Zoom calls!

Each of our headbands is handmade in our home sewing studio in Denver.

All of our scrunchie and headband fabric is purchased at ReCreative Denver & Art Parts Creative Reuse Center in Boulder. This fabric is saved from the landfill and reused by creatives as a sustainable solution to textile waste. Because of this, we can't guarantee that all colors or fabrics will always be in stock or re-stocked.

These headbands are soft and should fit most adults. The total circumference of the headband is 26 inches, including a 6 inch elastic at the back of the headband to secure it at the back of your head. Please note, these headbands *do not* contain a plastic headband or plastic pieces inside, so they are easily washable and pack well for travel.

Current colors and fabrics:
  • Magenta/Red (shiny satin)
  • Blue / White Stars (matte polyester)
  • Navy Blue (shiny satin)
  • Camel (microsuede)
  • Bright Blue (shiny satin)
  • Dark Green (shiny satin)
  • Teal (shiny satin)
  • Black/Blue Glitter (matte cotton)